About Latitude Catering Company & the History of Our Catering Business

About Latitude Catering

In June of 1986, Latitude Catering was incorporated as Port-A-Pit Catering and established as a woman-owned business in Tucson, Arizona. Working out of their garage, Ronda and Gary Sneva developed their own marketing strategies, solicited their own bids and contracts, and prepared and served their own product with focus on quality and customer service. Through their own hard work, they grossed $56,000 that first year. Twenty-four years later, with continued attention to detail, tremendous product offerings, and a committed, talented team at every level, they have expanded their once little-known catering company into a nationally known name.

With that growth we felt it was time for a fresh name. Something that incorporates the scope of the work we do.  Inspired by the owner's grandaughter Bella's geography homework - Latitude Catering was selected for its dual connotation of geographic direction we can travel and the company’s flexibility in meeting customer expectations. We truly are Catering to Any Degree.
About Latitude Catering
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