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Emergency Response Catering
There’s no time for negotiation in an emergency and you have more important things to do than fill out paperwork and sign contracts. At Latitude Catering’s National Emergency Response Catering Division, also known as Port a Pit Catering  we understand the importance of having your vendors pre-arranged. Our emergency response catering service options are designed to meet your needs. We are one of the few mobile disaster food service companies in the US and can help you in any emergency situation.

  • Emergency Catering Response Time is Immediate
  • Packed and on the road within 4 hours of initial phone call
  • Each kitchen can serve up tp 2500 persons 3 meals per day
  • 3 kitchens available for total capacity of 22,500 meals per day combined
  • Caloric intake menus to your specifications
  • Breakfasts, Lunch & Dinner
  • Fully Self-Contained Mobile Kitchens
  • Sheltered Dining area for 200 or more
  • Potable water storage
  • Gray water storage
  • Drink & Hand-wash Stations available
  • Pre-arranged contracts formulated to fit your needs


Some of you may know us as Port-A-Pit Catering, which we work as with the US Forest Service and Hurricaines such as Katrina, Ivan, Ike and Jeanie as well as  the Columbia Space Shuttle recovery and many other national emergencies and federal disaster relief efforts.

Let's hope that you never have to use us, but if you do, rest assured we will make sure your emergency team receives the care and sustenance they deserve.

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National Emergency
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Food Services
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Catered BBQ Ribs
"Out of 7 national kitchens I worked with this year, Latitude Catering produced the tastiest meals!"

-John W. US Forest Service

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